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It is often said that an illustration or picture says more than a thousand words. That is correct, but this only applies when the illustration or picture in question is good. The Design Centre started off originally in 1995 providing a 2D and 3D engineering and mechanical draughting/design service. We were continually asked to tweak or rework the technical drawings or models for company brochures, manuals, web sites and presentations/seminars. From then on in The Design Centre started to provide services such as:

  • Technical illustrations
  • Simplified Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Simulations
  • Renderings

Less is more... The numerous stylistic devices in Technical Illustration allow you and your clients to visualise technical coherences. An important, but very often underestimated, method in Technical Illustration is the omission of lines or detail, this often helps to display the desired information more clearly than the original technical drawing or model.

The Design Centre specialises in technical illustrations for promotional material, sales and technical brochures, manuals, bill boards and web sites. Using the latest in 3D modelling, photo-realistic imaging and computer graphics software, we strive to bring you that perfect image.

The Design Centre have had images published in international trade magazines, used in overseas sales material, technical brochures and displayed on various business & graphics related web sites.

Our clients range from home based businesses to car wheel manufacturers, based in New Zealand and overseas.

For more details on how we can help spice up your technical brochures or sales material, contact us now.

The Design Centre also offers a variety of other related services such as:-

  • web site design
  • web site hosting
  • web site makeovers
  • optimising sites for improved engine/directory placements
  • search engine/directory submittals
  • F.F.A's & Classified Ads submittals
  • Domain name sourcing & registration
  • web graphics & banner design
  • content management systems
  • database creation & implementation
  • technical illustrations for web pages and sales material
  • photo-realistic imaging (rendering)
  • dvd creations
  • professional photography
  • photo editing & touch-ups
  • logo design
  • plus lots more...